Top Beauty Schools in Melbourne

If you dream of having a career in the beauty industry that will allow you to express your creativity, then starting one of these top beauty schools near me is the first step. Enrolling at one of the best cosmetology schools or institutes near Melbourne can be an important part of ensuring your future success.

Whether you want to become a successful hairdresser, esthetician, nail technician, make-up artist, barber, make up artist or wax specialist, studying for this type of career is easier than ever before with some great training opportunities available today.

There are several schools in Melbourne for those interested in studying beauty, from hairdressing to makeup to manicures. Here’s a list of the top five schools available:

Makeup, Make-Up, Colors, Brushes

1) The Australian Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology College

Established almost thirty years ago by Steve and Jill Kennedy, this college has been providing quality education since 1985. With campuses located in Springvale and Clayton South, students not only have a great place to study but also a fun environment where they can both learn and meet new friends.

This particular school offers courses such as advanced diploma training, generalist salon service lead up training, nail enhancement training and waxing certificate III. The staff here lead by example with their experience in the industry that ranges from more than 23 years to more than 35 years.

2) The Australian College of Hair Design

Located in the heart of Malvern, this cosmetology college has an impressive history that dates back to 1983. With experienced lecturers who teach everything from beginner courses through to certificate IV and diploma level training, students are given everything they need to become successful in their chosen industry.

One notable lecturer includes Michael O’Connor who has extensive experience working at leading salons in both Melbourne and abroad. The expert tutors have earned themselves a reputation for providing quality learning experiences for students looking to develop their skills and talents.

3) MC Beauty & Hair International

This school sets its standards high when it comes to teaching with over twenty-five years of experience in the industry. Instructors are not only here to teach but they’re also mentors for students as well. Their team is made up of qualified teachers with many years of experience working in some of Melbourne’s top salons.

They ensure that their students leave knowing everything they need to become successful in the workforce with plenty of practice sessions and hands-on training. The staff at this school create a winning environment where everyone involved has quality learning experiences that allow them to go far beyond what they thought possible.

4) Salon Success Academy

This cosmetology college offers more than just courses, it provides students with an edge that sets them apart from others entering the salon business today. The school boasts the best equipment available including free access to products, client consultation forms, hair colour swatches, hair models to practice cutting & colouring techniques, among many other things.

This exclusive environment ensures students are given the best learning experiences so that they leave feeling ready for their new career in cosmetology.

5) RMIT Beauty Therapy

The name says it all with this school known for its outstanding training programs and facilities. The campus is located at the heart of Melbourne’s CBD which allows students access to everything necessary to continue training after graduation.

With an experienced staff who dedicate themselves to helping students reach their full potential through innovative teaching methods, everyone leaves this school feeling like a beauty professional ready for anything that comes their way. These courses include short courses for beauty professionals also known as refresher courses.

These courses are not only for licensed professionals but anyone looking to further their knowledge in various areas of the beauty industry.

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