How To Have A Successful Bachelor’s Party?

Listen up, Best Man. The groom has just been through a year of hell. He and his fianceé have spent the last 12 months dealing with event vendors, caterers, family members, in-laws.

They’ve had fights over smoked crab cakes, table decorations, and whether the wedding invitations are written in Courier or Regalia. The groom’s nerves are shot. 

So what does he need from you? What does he need from the bachelor party? An escape. An outlet for blowing off steam. 

And most important of all…he needs no more headaches. Your primary mission, therefore, is to mastermind a bachelor party that’s free of logistical complications, stress, and drama. He’s had enough.

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Make It Traditional But In Your Own Version

Start with why you’re throwing a bachelor party. Bachelor parties are a rite of passage, away for a man to be sent off into marriage by his friends. They’ve taken a lot of different forms over the years, so the one thing you don’t have to do is stick to any particular format. 

In fact, the groom should feel free to choose whatever format makes the most sense for him. The most important thing is to always keep in mind that in throwing this most epic of bachelor parties, you are honouring a centuries-old tradition

Bonding, friendship and letting go of a certain part of one’s youth are all part of the bachelor party package. Everything else is up to you.

Do Something Awesome

Build your bachelor party around a really big, unforgettable event. Makes sense, right? A bachelor party is something your friend only does once. So what’s that thing he’s always wanted to do that he never had the chance to? 

And more importantly, probably won’t have a chance to once he’s married? It could be jumping out of an aeroplane. Heli-skiing in British Columbia. Diving with sharks. Aim for the biggest, craziest thing you can think of.

Obviously, going out of town ups the degree of difficulty, so if that’s part of the plan make sure that all the key players are on board with this, including the groom-to-be’s boss. 

Plan any travel well ahead, too, to make sure that it all flows smoothly. 

If you absolutely have to bring reality into the thought process, be flexible. If touring distilleries in Scotland isn’t feasible, get a killer lineup of bottles and do a tasting, or visit a bunch of local distilleries. 

If you’re having trouble, this is where you turn to the time-honoured tactics for creative problem-solving get a bunch of friends together, have a few beers and start throwing ideas around the table. 

Companies that plan bachelor parties always have lots of good ideas on their websites since you’re already here you may as well poke around a bit for ideas. 

Just remember it’s about the groom-to-be, so make sure it’s his fantasy day. Oh, and if the main event is something halfway dangerous, schedule it before everybody starts drinking. 

Do Not Do Anything Stupid

Look, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that hookers and blow isn’t a fun night. But let’s be realistic, that stuff’s for kids. Your friend has already committed to his partner, and that’s something you want to respect. At the end of the day, don’t let him do anything that he’ll regret once he’s walking down the aisle. 

Better that he doesn’t have to go down the aisle with crutches either, though at least that will be a good story. Set some reasonable boundaries and make sure everybody agrees on no cheating, and try not to end up in jail. 

If your friend has self-control issues, make sure everybody is looking out for him. Because that’s what friends do. Not doing anything stupid also means planning transportation. Assume everybody is drinking, and nobody will be driving.

Just start with that, and you’ll avoid trouble. Whether this means getting a place to crash or arranging rides, taxi chips or whatever, just get it done. 

On no planet, I can think of it having a drunk driving accident the sort of legacy on which a marriage should be founded. 

It should probably go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, that if anything does happen that was supposed to be forbidden, keep it among yourselves. What the groom, or anyone else for that matter, wishes to reveal, is entirely up to them.

How Much Do You Spend For It

Just about every bachelor party is going to involve spending a lot of money because none of this good stuff is free, and we all know the groom pays for nothing. Nobody wants awkwardness, and money is definitely one of those things that makes people awkward. 

Especially when they can’t afford something they just signed up for. In a perfect world, this might mean scaling back the plans, but ideally, all the friends can come together and make sure that everybody can attend, and help pay for the groom.

But it’s better to get the money conversation out of the way early so that nobody is surprised. If possible, give guests as much notice as possible, so that they can set aside money, especially if you’re going big.

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