Ideal Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Plasma Cutter

Before you strike an arc, get familiar with picking plasma cutters and accessories that best match your application. 

Match Your Plasma Cutter to Your Work 

Similarly as with buying a welder, the sort of plasma cutter you select will be dictated by the sort of work you do. Not at all like oxy-fuel cutting, a plasma cutter is equipped for cutting pretty much every sort of metal. Hence, the primary thought while picking a plasma cutter is the thickness and measure of metal you plan on cutting. The following are some key inquiries to pose to when attempting to coordinate a plasma cutter to your work: 

  • Is it accurate to say that you are cutting thick metal? 
  • How regularly will you utilize your plasma cutter? 
  • Do you need a versatile unit? 
  • It is safe to say that you will adjust your electrical plugs for your cutter? 
  • Do you have a generator you intend to use with your plasma cutter? 
  • Will your electrical flow vary? 

As you audit your plasma cutter alternatives, these inquiries will limit your decisions. While certain units will stand apart for your specific needs, all things considered, picking between brands will come down to what exactly you’re familiar with or what’s prescribed to you. The primary contrast between brands is that one producer’s standard component might be an extra on another brand’s machine. 

There additionally are combination units that incorporate a plasma cutter with a stick and TIG welder. In the event that you simply need a plasma cutter for a periodic activity, this might be an extraordinary choice given you can discover a unit that meets your TIG or stick welding needs. 

On the off chance that you do choose to investigate a convenient unit that is light and runs off a generator, search for a unit that can deal with the fluctuating intensity of a generator. 

Duty Cycle 

Duty cycles are one of the most significant components that you ought to consider before purchasing a plasma shaper. It alludes to: 

  • The period a plasma shaper can work securely 
  • Dictated by the measure of amperage the instrument draws 
  • Communicated in percentage
  • A plasma cutter with a lower rate duty cycle-run for brief periods. 
  • A plasma cutter with a bigger rate duty cycle-run for additional time. 

A more amperage yield of a plasma cutter implies it has more duty cycle, while a lesser amperage yield implies lower duty cycle. 

Presently, the inquiry is what duty cycle do you really require? 

It relies upon the kind of cutting cycle you’re following and how habitually you have to utilize it. 

Generally, a half duty cycle is more than adequate on the off chance that you follow manual cutting. Be that as it may, for motorized cutting where a framework might be worked for quite a while, a half duty cycle may not be sufficient. 

Subsequently, to accomplish a higher obligation cycle, you may need to purchase a bigger framework and work it at a lower amperage level. 

On the off chance that you might want to utilize a plasma cutter regularly, yet not continuously for an extended time, buy a plasma cutter looking on its most extreme amperage yield/cutting limit. 

Then again, on the off chance that you constantly utilize a plasma cutter for quite a while, pick the unit considering the normal thickness of the materials and the most extreme thickness that the specific plasma cutter is viable to work with. 

For rarely utilizing, simply go by the normal thickness of what you plan to cut. Manufacturers ordinarily list the most extreme thickness the plasma cutter is equipped for cutting. 

Remember that the excellent method to assess whether the duty cycle is sufficient for your necessities is to think about its load voltage and surrounding temperature. 

Further, you ought to likewise think about the application, be it automated or manual. This point will assist you with recognizing a plasma cutter that will perform well and meet your cutting needs. 

Doing the change to plasma cutting can convey extraordinary outcomes. In the event that you select the fitting plasma cutter and service it appropriately, you can encounter long periods of difficulty-free execution.

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