23 Best DIY Valentine Wreath Ideas For This Years

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One of the things you should have in your Valentine’s Day basket is lovey-dovey Valentines Wreath to wrap around your favourite flowers. Although you may be tempted to go with a single rose, there are so many more flowers to choose from to make a more interesting Valentine.

The rose can be a classic Valentine’s wreath but as a typical wreath for Valentine’s Day will use the same basic shape and cut, choose a contrasting colour to make a Valentine’s rose wreath. A florist should make sure the colours match, for example white flowers with red petals. White roses with red petals will also work, if you choose to go this route.

Roses are traditionally used for Valentine’s Day and so it is worth spending some time thinking about why they are so special. The variety of different varieties, colours and sizes will make a great display of your most favourite flower. You could choose an entire bouquet of different roses but roses look so pretty surrounded by other flowers that it will all look a bit boring and make a boring Valentine’s Wreath.

Instead choose several bouquets of roses and with each bouquet to add a different colour of rose. This will make a much more interesting display and you can then tie the bouquets together to make a single rose and wreath.

If you want to be really creative with your Valentine’s Wreath ideas, consider making a heart shaped wreath and using it as a centerpiece. The heart is a lovely symbol for Valentine’s Day and can be used as a heart shape in its own right. Another way to make a heart shape is to draw a heart shape on your wreath with a sharpie marker and use this to tie the wreath at the top.

Another popular idea is to use a wreath as the centrepiece for your Valentine’s dinner party. When you do this, do not stick with a traditional Valentine’s wreath design, create an intriguing Valentine’s menu decoration by adding garnishes, grapes and chocolates to the wreath. It will all look very delicious and in keeping with the whole Valentine’s theme.

Make Valentine’s Day fun by making more unusual Valentines wreath. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and so why not show it with a new wreath. There are lots of ideas available for Valentine’s Day wreaths so make your Valentine’s Day extra special this year.